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Build A Bike

Sussex Development Corporation is a privately held corporation, with hundreds of years combined construction experience, spread among a close-knit Team of professionals.

Sussex Development has been a corporate sponsor of the Build-A-Bike Campaign, since 2016. More than a decade ago, The Leaders Institute created Build-A-Bike as a philanthropic means for businesses to engage their employees in team building events, to strengthen cohesiveness, trust, improve productivity and foster an improved working condition.

A key element of the program is that an adult team member is partnered with an under-privileged youth. Together, they actually build a bike, which that child then gets to take home and enjoy.

Since its inception, Build-A-Bike has provided over $1M worth of bicycles to needy children in communities all over the United States, Canada and Europe. We want to thank our Partners at Innovate Architecture and Interior Design for introducing us to this wonderful event.