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Civitan Acres

Sussex Development Corporation is a privately held corporation, with hundreds of years combined construction experience, spread among a close-knit Team of professionals.

In early 2015, the Tidewater Association of General Contractors approached Sussex Development with the opportunity to be part of a community involvement project for Civitan Acres.  Civitan Acres is residential property located in the Grassfield area of Chesapeake.   For many years, they have operated as a program designed to improve the quality of life for disabled individuals.  Many individuals have enjoyed summer camps and other outdoor recreational events at Civitan Acres, helping develop their emotional, intellectual and physical dimensions.

Sussex Development Corporation welcomed the opportunity, and partnered with Eggleston leaders to design the new addition which will house four persons with disabilities when it is complete.  Sussex Development put together a team of like-minded Hampton Roades trade companies.  Together, they worked out design details, sought material donations and offered other creative cost-saving ideas to help Civitan Acres maximize their project budget. 

After months of hard work, Civitan Acres, Sussex Development along with the assembled construction team, City Mayor Alan Krasnoff and city council members, engaged in a Groundbreaking Celebration on February 9, 2016.  Work is expected to be complete by early summer.  To learn more about Eggleston Services’ mission, visit their website,

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