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Justin Grenzebach
Sussex Development Corporation is a privately held corporation with hundreds of years of combined construction experience spread among a close-knit team of professionals.

About Justin Grenzebach

Project Superintendent

Justin embarked on his journey in construction during his teenage years, assisting his father with flooring projects along the East Coast. This early exposure ignited a passion for the built environment, prompting him to pursue a degree in Urban Planning. Throughout his college years, Justin remained engaged in construction, accruing valuable experience as an assistant superintendent, project engineer, and eventually, a project superintendent with a prominent general contractor based in Raleigh, NC.

Justin actively contributes to community-driven urban planning projects such as BridgePark RVA, a linear park initiative in Richmond that emphasizes existing community resources. His involvement extends to creative community engagement through graphic design and curating public events. Additionally, Justin recently participated in the establishment of Plain Jane Garage, a local motorcycle shop in Norfolk. His contributions include graphic design for social media and hands-on work in restoring a vintage motorcycle he owns.