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Samantha Cosper
Sussex Development Corporation is a privately held corporation with hundreds of years of combined construction experience spread among a close-knit team of professionals.

About Samantha Cosper

Project Engineer

Originally hailing from San Antonio, TX, Samantha joined Sussex in 2022 after having spent almost a decade working in the ship repair industry. During that time, she was part of a small group of professionals dedicated to the repair, maintenance, and expansive growth to the nation’s oldest continually family-owned and operated shipyard in the US. There, she learned tried and true, practical, and cost-effective industrial construction practices that she brought with her to further hone and build on with the Sussex Team.

Prior to her time at the shipyard, Samantha served as a Yeoman in the US Navy for 6 years. Her time in service included being stationed in Washington, DC, Naval Station Norfolk, and aboard the USS Enterprise with VFA 136. The various locales and platforms allowed her to garner a strong discipline and dedication to teamwork that she continues to use today.

Outside of work, Samantha enjoys spending time with her family, enjoying good food and music, and staying active.